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About Monkey Latte

Monkey Latte is committed to bring to you the best in bio skin care.
Our wish is for women to treat themselves to a home spa experience that fits everyone’s lifestyle.
It is our pleasure to meet the desires and needs of our customers seeking a quality product. Your satisfaction is our success!
Life is a cream with the right scent for you!

Hand Lotion

Body Butter


Body Butter

Deeply Miosturising

About Aroma

Oikos was founded in 2014, and specializes in the Production of Cosmetics.

Its philosophy is the production of quality cosmetics based on the rich ingredients of Greek nature while combining the modern know-how of cosmetology.

It offers excellent quality, aiming to meet the needs of Greek and foreign consumers.

Propylenglycol free, parabens free, mineral oil free, allergens free, fragrancies paraffin wax free, lead free, nickel free, alcohol free, sles free, diethanolamide free, phthalates free, no animal testing, no colouring agents and neutral ph dermatologically tested.

Welcom to AROMA

an international word deriving from the Greek wordἄρωμα declaring a pleasant constant scent.

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